Terms & Conditions

  1. General

Our Terms and Conditions have been exposed as the active information for visitors and users of Zameeli app and are free from any ambiguousness in order to be understood. Our Terms and Conditions need to be read heedfully and responsibly by any visitors and all users in case of being in need to Contact Us due to any doubts relating to the contents, actions, and activities. While browsing, using, or having access to Zameeli app (“We”, “Our”, or “Us”), users (“You” or “Your”) or individuals who visit this app agree to all Terms and Conditions placed within. When You agree with going through the Terms and Conditions depicted in this app’s certain sections You are legally bound to comply comprehensively with the Terms and Conditions depicted therein.

  1. Compliance with Intellectual Property and Proprietary Rights

Zameeli app, its genuine content, attributes, functionalities, and any subsequent expansion or extension pertaining to the original content are possessed solely by Zameeli LLC and hence, is protected by its trademark, patent, particular trade secrets, and copyright and thus is treated as the intellectual property as well as any other proprietary rights legislations of Zameeli LLC. You are liable to keep up the confidentiality of Your Account’s details, login information such as, passwords and username, and Profile comprehensively. You are required not to share account details with other parties, transiently or permanently on casual or deliberate basis. It should be You, who is liable for all kinds of uses in terms of Your app activities, registrations, password or setting changes if or not authenticated by You. You are highly advised to immediately notify Zameeli LLC regarding any unauthorized usage of Your account, passwords, or Profile. The Privacy Policy of Zameeli app is conveyed as a link on the app and users need to be concerned with it.

  1. First and Second Party Relationship

Any individual information uploaded by job seekers is the registered individual’s responsibility. Zameeli LLC does not take any responsibility regarding the precision of information given by either registered Company or any Omani individual who makes use of Zameeli app. Any gainer applicant for the opportunity of employment and the employer take responsibility for the relevant reciprocal communications performed between both parties. Zameeli LLC will neither take advantage of accessing to contractual agreements such as remuneration negotiations between parties nor get involved mutual conflicts. Employment opportunities posted and described by any firm or organization should only be viable and applicable for Omani citizens. Job seekers who are outside of the Sultanate of Oman are not allowed to apply to the posted employment opportunities. A User who is registered either an organization or a Company, or a job seeker must have legal age in accordance with the legislations of the Sultanate of Oman. The employer Company and the job seekers are liable for making sure they have age eligibility.

4. Users will agree to comply with the following things:

        A) Posting, sharing, storing, transmitting, destroying, or distributing materials incorporating app content, which are prohibited by any prevalent laws or regulations is strictly forbidden. We will attempt to make use of laws and regulations that govern the collection, transferring, or processing of personal data with regards to the breach of Our policies;

       B) Users must not attempt to make use of any device in order to search or navigate the app apart from using the tools and interfaces approbated by Zameeli LLC;

       C) Any use of data mining tools, data extraction or data gathering mechanisms, or robots are strictly prohibited;

       D) Users must not be forging any TCP/IP packet header or partial or complete header information in newsgroup posting or email;

       E) Users are warned not to go for reverse engineering or decompiling the app;

       F) App content copying, duplicating, or aggregating is prohibited

      G) Security infringement of Zameeli app including the attempt of scanning, probing, or testing the vulnerability of a network or system or violation of the security measures without appropriate authorization is forbidden;

      H) Posting materials or content which encourage or endorse flawed or misleading information or illegitimate activities, or promote or provide instructional data regarding illicit activities or other actions forbidden by the laws of the Sultanate of Oman should not be performed;

       I) Posting contact information by employment provider to any agency, agent, or other third parties is not allowed;

      J) A job seeker must not set multiple copies of the resume to public at one time;

       K) Users will not login to the app using the shared credentials;

        L) Profile or resume submission or applying against any job post on behalf of different party or posing fake identity will cause immediate suspension.

       M) Unintended information access using a server or account is not approbated;

       N) Do not submit or post any incomplete, flawed, or imprecise biographic data or information which you do not own;

       O) Users must not attempt to delete or alter any content posted by other users or entity;

       P) Demonstration of harassing behaviour or incitation of harassment or advocating harassment of any Company, group, or individual are subject to immediate suspension and punishment;

       Q) Attempts in favour of intervening with service to other Users, hosting or networking incorporating, without limitation, through entering, submitting a virus to the app, “flooding”, “spamming”, “overloading”, “mailbombing”, or “crasing” is completely prohibited;

       R) Using the app for any prohibited purpose or any illicit activity, or posting or submitting any resume, content, or job posting which is defamatory, explicitly or implicitly abusive, offensive, libellous, obscene, vulgar, hateful, threatening, discriminatory, racist, of a menacing character will cause immediate account termination. Zameeli LLC will inspect occurrences that involve such violations and will involve, cooperate, and correlate with law enforcement authorities in prosecuting Users or visitors who are engaged in such violations.

  1. Third Party Links

Zameeli LLC may provide and contain third party links from time to time. Zameeli LLC has neither any control regarding such links nor has responsibility over the content, policies, and practices for said third party services or products.

  1. Governing Law

Terms and Conditions placed within this app are governed and functioned according to the existing laws, regulations, and rules that are imposed or/and promulgated by the Sultanate of Oman Government.


  1. Access Termination


Zameeli LLC preserves the rights to stop, postpone, or terminate Your access to this app without either noticing or disclosing reasons. This may lead to the elimination or devastation of all information in connection with You. Any kind of abused write-ups either from an individual or organization will be subject to penalty. Any uploaded data, statement, or posts that harm the cultural and religious norms of the Sultanate of Oman will lead to instantaneous termination of Your access to the app.

  1. Refunds

Companies or organizations that post their job advertisements which they are paying for will never be refunded irrespective of whether that should result in gaining successful applicants or employees or not. Any job seeker who creates the contract with a Company or organization for which rewards are not forthcoming by that said Company or organization for work executed cannot ask refund(s) from Zameeli LLC (Referring First and Second Party Relationships earlier). The payment will be made either cash on hand or online throughout the first year after successfully joining the app. Job seekers will be responsible for receiving money from the employer by cash throughout this period. This money can never be refunded to job workers who performed works for employer(s) by Zameeli by any means. If payments will be made through the app online and then money can be refunded based on any dispute resolutions or any contractual agreements. Users will avail refunding facilities rooted in their activities, contract, and conditioned clearly mentioned in their reciprocal agreements only after they use the app for more than a year and upon making the payment using this app.

  1. Changes to Terms & Conditions Agreement

Zameeli LLC preserves the right at Our discretion to replace, amend, modify, or delete any of the Terms and Conditions by attributing as such on the app. Any continued use of this app should accept the concurrent changes and must adhere to such updated Terms and Conditions. If you are not agreeing with any of this Agreement mentioned within the Terms and Conditions denoted, you can avoid using, discontinuing to access the app and should eliminate your registration from this app immediately.

Privacy Policy

  1. Zameeli LLC has extensively taken care of forming this Privacy Policy, which pertains any kind of personal information You (“You” and “Your” applicable to any user or visitor to Zameeli app) are supposed to provide us using zameeli.com app and depicting the means of using the information.


2. We have carefully prepared this Privacy Policy for appropriate applications; and is required to be gone through minutely as well as realized in correlation with the complete and proper interpretation of the Terms and Conditions of Use which can also be obtained on Zameeli app. By starting to view and use the Zameeli app, You are agreeing with having full consent with the ins and outs described in this Privacy Policy. After accepting this Privacy Policy, in such manner, You will not be allowed to raise any question or have any dissent with this Privacy Policy on any subsequent occasions.


3. Zameeli LLC has its own viable rights and deliberation, considering the existing, past, or forthcoming marketplace situations, legislative reasons, and numerous government regulations, to amend, omit, and improve any part of its Privacy Policy without noticing its users, market partners, visitors, or potential customers at any time. To remain up to date and safeguarded and to stay ahead of time in terms of confronting changed circumstances You are required to periodically go through and review the Privacy Policy with a view to keep up with all kinds of additions, eliminations, and amendments.


4. Your privacy is protected by all means and Your personal information will always be kept confidential and private by us. Zameeli LLC will not be responsible for any privacy violation caused by You, due to displaying, sharing, or providing your private information in an asymmetric manner- and We only will gather information from you based on your consent and we will only use the information, which is provided to us by You. Apart from this, You are responsible to share information using the interfaces and tools of Zameeli app and You are also responsible to contact other users or visitors using our app.


5. Information provided to us through your app browser is subject to automatic manipulation and gathering. This information nominally consists of Your domain name (example, the site after the @ in your email address). Aside from this, Our server automatically receives some information from your app browser(s). Information gathered by Our server incorporates the IP (Internet Protocol) address used to make connection of Your computer with the Internet, Platform, the operating system, the information regarding the average time spent on the Zameeli app, all kinds of information You have searched for, details regarding the paged viewed, contacts made by You on Zameeli app, Your access time and the duration of time between logging in and logging out, records of apps You have accessed before, and other numerous relevant statistics. The amount of data sent and the comprehensive usage of data relies upon the settings you made on your app browser.


6. Your individual information can be used:

    • When we deliver services and products to You requiring your email address, delivery spot address, information regarding Your current location and details of any orders or requests ;
    • When we collect compensations from You and/or charge You so as to administer your app account;
    • When we keep you posted and updated with novel information regarding our Services and Products, promotional activities, and information about new features, attributes, policies, and notes detailing our services;
    • Whenever we go for existing and new products’ and services’ development;
    • As soon as we attempt to inform you comprehensively about any update of our business systems and infrastructures;
    • When You are interested in endorsing Us and Our suppliers’ services and products for Your needs.


7. We adopt appropriate technologies, practices, and mechanisms in favour of proper information collecting, storing, and processing and we have reliable system and security measures to safeguard the app from any kinds of unauthorized alternation, access, destruction, and disclosure of your personal data, password, username, transaction information and other relevant information stored on our app. Therefore, such above information will be kept private and confidential by us and information will be secured.


8. Zameeli LLC strongly believes in Users’ security and privacy. We won’t, by any means, go for trading, renting, or selling any Users’ personal data such as identification information to others. This is strongly maintained by us so that no other parties will be able to recognize, detect, or verify You using the information provided by our app. No other parties or individuals will be allowed to make access to Your information in order to identify You using information protected by Us. We perhaps, share nominal aggregated demographic data not related to any personal identification data about users and visitors with our sole business individuals or partners, dedicated affiliates, or advertisers for any purpose denoted above. We may utilize third party service providers with a view of operating our business and the app or in favour of keeping up with administrative activities on behalf of us, for instance, sending out emails, newsletters or significant surveys. Nonetheless, such information is only what You provided to us in order for sharing. We may share Your data with these third parties to meet these limited purposes only once You have provided us Your permission.


9. Users will avail advertising content or other content on our app that link the apps, websites, and services of our partners, sponsors, suppliers, licensors, advertisers, or other third parties. We do not have control over the content or links which arrive at these platforms and are not liable for the practices deployed by apps or websites connected to or from our app. Furthermore, these apps, sites, or services, including their links and content, can be persistently changing. These apps, sites, and their services can have their own privacy policies and consumer contentment policies. Browsing and interacting with any other apps, websites, including those that have a link to our app, is subject to their own terms and conditions and policies.


10. Advertisements appearing on our app may be sent to Users through ads partners, who can set cookies. These cookies enable the ad server to identify Your PC each time they send You any online ads to compile non-personal identification data about You or Users who use Your PC. This information enables ad networks to, among many other things, provide targeted ads that they think will interest You. This Privacy Policy won’t cover the usage of cookies used by any advertisers.

Code of Conduct

Privacy and Confidentiality Policies:

As a business company we respect users’ privacy spectrum and we, by no means tend to violate the confidentiality and privacy of users by disclosing their private information to any other parties or platforms. We only expose and make use of the user information, which is provided to us by users themselves and they have full consent of that exposure. On the other hand, users are responsible to keep their privacy by preserving it consistently by themselves. In the Privacy Policy section, we have described the entirety of all pathways of securing users’ privacy by being stricter to not to disclose any of their confidential information through either offline or offline mechanisms. Therefore, our users are completely safe from getting their privacy and confidentiality violated.

Professional Appearance Policies:

Zameeli App is an online app, which describes its Terms and Conditions in certain sections of the app and users will avail it as soon as they open it. All users will agree to comply with each and every part described in the Terms and Conditions section. Our business app will appear online and our staffs will execute their works either online or offline in order to support the users’ online actions. Our staff will not personally message to any user or job seeker regarding the job post or any other matter. In case of any incident takes place similar to violating app’s usual terms and conditions or any other government regulations or laws, we will take immediate actions based on our current national laws. Therefore, all users are safe and secure from any kind of our professional appearances. No staff from Zameeli app will send you any verification code, One Time Password (OTP), or any phone call personally. If any fraud person begins doing it, You are personally responsible to inform us immediately and You are warned not to respond to such efforts made by any fraud people allowing them to make use of your account or steal or compromise your personal information.

Green Business Promotion:

Zameeli app is a fully online platform, which does not involve any actions that can harm the environment. Like we do, You are encouraged not to make damaging action to the environment in order to save our future. We do business and we strive to make the world become a great place for living. In order to be so, we strongly encourage environmentally safe and sound and sustainable business environment. We are therefore; proud to announce that, Zameeli app is an environmentally sustainable business firm, which stubbornly promotes Green Business Practices.

Obeying the Current Laws:


Zameeli app strictly and uncompromisingly obeys the current laws and does not promote or engage any action which goes against the law and violates our government regulations. We offer employment opportunities for people all over the world, but we currently comply with only the legislative structures of the Sultanate of Oman because all job creation and employments will be based on the legal structures of our nation. If any job posts or job recruitments do not go in favor of current Omani laws, we must forbid that for users and we won’t involve with that by any means. Before posting jobs and before applying to any post, users will need to be aware of our current legislations and if not, we will take attempt accordingly based on the existing laws. Our job creator account holders will need to be aware of this fact and must not go against any kind of job post, which will not be substantiated. Intentional violation of laws will be immediately investigated and we’ll take appropriate actions including account suspension and termination rooted in current laws.


Caring and Considerations:


As a business app, Zameeli App will request all its users to be considerate while using it in order to be safe and getting the most out of this business app positively. Our users are free to use it but they must not do whatever they like such as violating other users’ rights or Privacy by any means. Users are responsible to take care of handling their accounts in a way that no objections will be generated against them in terms of violation or inappropriate usage. We heartily anticipate all of our users to operate the app successfully and safely in order for ensuring their own future through our app.